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Month: June, 2015

Decorating a Shared Room with Coral and Blue

I was beginning to think I would need to repaint the girls shared bedroom. Afterall, it was light yellow with straw yellow carpet. It was basically blah, blah, blah and very monochromatic.

I started the transformation with these adorable coral and white striped drapes at TJMaxx for $29 for the pair. I was surprised that it totally changed the blah room to wow!

Then, I found these Cynthia Rowley blue ruffle comforters at TJMaxx for $35 each. The coral monogram initials came from Kirkland’s above their beds. They actually only had an “M” but I needed an “N” that the hubs had to jig saw off the extra leg and dremel it smooth. I touched up the sanded spot with acrylic paint to match. And now we have an “N”! These layers of colors really started to transform the room.

I already had the antique hutch which holds folded clothes and books that I transformed years ago during the black furniture rage. I considered painting all the pieces again. Would love your feedback if they should stay black or change to blue or coral!

I found this old record cabinet years ago and it is bright red inside with a built in switch. I lined it with white shelf paper so that folded clothes can hide inside. A cute coral scripture hangs above it from Hobby Lobby that was 90% off making it $4. All the artwork was the same discounted awesomeness.


I pulled out these antique mirrors that look cute in a grouping with some added ribbon to match the bedding.

There we have it…avoided painting the walls, added lots of color and found decor at big discounts made for a fresh, fun shared bedroom.


Decorating Inspirations: Paintings

I get a lot of designer magazines every week. So I gather up inspiration for how to style or decorate and also ideas of what to hang on the wall. One major problem with these magazines: the price. So DIY here we come!

I’ve been thrifting old ugly canvases and reprinting them for about 8 years now. Seeing past the ugly art is the key. I usually look for a large format canvas that are fully wrapped around the back so you don’t see the staples.

I had a 9′ blank wall to decorate in my dining room and I found two large 30″ square canvases at Burlington Coat Factory in the clearance section for $15 each.

Here is the dining room bare with the ugly art leaning in the background.

They had a glossy gesso finish on them with lots of texture that I loved. So I bought white gesso from Hobby Lobby to cover it up and so the new acrylic paint would bind to it.


My little guys even got in on the fun and some paint on their PJ’s. So I had to to a break before I even got started!

Here is the inspiration photo from Ballard Designs wanting $300 for each painting (which is likely printed and gloss gesso put on top).

I liked the circles and especially liked the arabesque patterns. I have a lot of that pattern in my house. Do you remember the Craigslist marble backsplash story? Well I traced the marble behind the stove and made a template out of a cereal box.


IMG_0837.JPGThen I used an ice cream container for the circles and a shower squeegee for the dragging the paint.

Isn’t art so fascinating how it comes together. It’s a mess for a while and you keep working it until it just feels finished. Or the kids bug you for lunch…either way.


And here is the side by side inspiration on the left and my creation on the right. Not bad for $30!


Bath Shelves and Trim

Why does finishing a project make us so happy? My hubby installed the nook shelves and trim in the master bathroom this weekend. When our countertops were installed, I had three shelves cut out of the left over pieces. So, the hubs cut three pieces of primed shoe molding and nailed them under each shelf. He still wants to add left over pieces of walnut from the kitchen island as an apron across the front.

These were my inspirations on Pinterest.


And here is what my master bath shelves look like now. I think the walnut trim will really complete the look with the cabinetry.


The hubs extraordinaire added the walnut trim to each shelf and it really does add architectural cohesion to the cabinets! I love it!



I’ve Got A Golden Ticket!!!!!!!!! (a signed permit card is gold!)

I keep singing “I’ve Got a Golden Ticket” from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory because the County Inspector just signed the Final Inspection on my Gold permit card! That means we are officially DONE!! Yippee!! Jump for Joy!

Since it’s summer break from homeschooling, I plan on posting more on design process tips and pictures of the interior with linked sources for you.

Bottom line, if a mom with five homeschooled kids can build a house in 9 months (21 months total) in one of the toughest counties in California then you can!

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