Laundry Room Innovation

by generalmom

We have laundry insanity. Our major weakness is putting dried, folded clothes in baskets and then not putting them away. Baskets of clean clothes everywhere! I racked my brain how to solve this design problem! No more baskets!

Here is the top view of the blueprints so you can see the concept. I basically jack-n-jill’d the bathroom and the laundry room between two bedrooms. Two boys in the right bedroom and two girls on the left. Notice that instead of walls in the laundry I put sliding doors which expose the back of the children’s closets. Therefore, we can take clothes from the dryer and hang them in the closets or put them on the shelves right away!


Here is my hubby putting the towers in. You can see the bedroom in the background with those doors open.

Hanging up clothes and finally get organized!

All done! Open the dryer and put the clothes away. So very glad to have this laundry solution in place! Maybe it will help you!