Let the Iron Work Begin

by generalmom

Finding the right people to hire is the absolute most difficult and critical part of building a home. It requires talking to many people in the same trade, seeing their work and checking references.

One of the most visual impacting pieces of our project is the iron work. The front door is a full 9′ radius iron and glass door. I researched to the moon and back on this one and it boiled down to a door made in China or handcrafted. Cost was similar but quality was significantly different. So we opted for handcrafted. I interviewed several (10) local iron craftsman and finally settled on Silva’s Artistic Iron Work. He makes everything by hand. Truly a work of art!

We were referred by friends who has his amazing work in their house. I have been to his shop over the past 6 months and have seen him in action. Simply amazing! We also visited a home to see his work recently installed. So the homework is exhausting but will alleviate future headaches.

Silva started on the front door and he sent me this photo of our door being made in his shop! Super duper excited!


Our covered porch has a radius that mimics the front door.


It should look similar to this.

After he completes the door, he will work on the banister. It’s a ton of work but will be a piece of art!