First Floor, Stucco and Custom Cabinets

by generalmom

And there we have it…a first floor! Woohoo! The opening on the right of the front cement stoop is where our staircase will be. That will be framed when scaffolding arrives on Monday. Since it’s over 20 feet tall in the foyer, there isn’t a way to stack it without the scaffolding.




I finalized our stucco contract today. Stucco is a type of exterior finish that leaves a brick and siding kind of girl spinning. Stucco is essentially a mixture of cement, sand and water. There are fifty million options for finish and trims that this General Mom has to decide on, quickly. So I selected a light sand finish with a color coat mixed into the stucco. I am having the trim made locally out of casted concrete which looks like limestone. This will give it a nice Mediterranean look.




My cabinet maker stopped by today to measure the kitchen. I literally was so focused on our discussion of ideas, that we both didn’t notice the framers were putting a huge 400 pound beam over our heads! He will get shop drawings together and then it will take several months for him to make the cabinets. So exciting! I can’t wait until you see the secret pantry door!



Don’t let my framers kid you…they love all the photos I take of them! I’m like paparazzi following them around taking pictures.