All Choked Up!

by generalmom

Today was a huge milestone! Framing the first floor started today.

I purposely waited until after lunch to stop out at the property, since I wanted to be surprised. I didn’t realize I would be all choked up and wiping tears from my eyes! It was one of those moments that you plan for so long and it’s everything you imagined but better. It’s a humbling feeling too, that God has gotten us this far.

They got really far today with the exterior walls and some of the interior walls. We have four carpenters making sections of the plan of 2″ x 6″ walls that are 10 feet high. They lay it all out like a puzzle on top of the subfloor. Then, they have to heave-ho each heavy section into place and sometimes up above pipes and hold downs. I tried to “help” and it was some serious heavy stuff. So, I went back to cleaning up nails and such.

I also had my first kooky California “Green Build” meeting. A nice consultant arrived in her Prius and went through a 3 page checklist of all the points we have to achieve or the county won’t give you final occupancy. We have to do normal things like buy energy star appliances and put in high efficiency air conditioners. However, she has to inspect all the glues and paints are low VOC, the fireplace meets EPA, show receipts of where we are recycling our garbage and even check the moisture content of the wood for framing. It was staggering. I think I may have wiped a tear during that hour long description of additional things to do!