Here Kitty, Kitty!

by generalmom

It seemed like folk lore to us when we heard Mountain Lions lived in our area. Mountain Lion wasn’t even in my vocabulary being from IL! We have proof now that a big kitty came on our building site and drank water from the concrete wash out area.

We’re on high alert since our kids are at risk when we move here. No fence will keep them out, as this will only aide in their agility training. Afterall, they climb trees, so a fence is nothing! They are said to kill a deer a day. When we first bought the land, we found a big deer that was drug up under a bush. Just below the house, we found 5 deer skulls and we named that area “The Dining Hall.” Then last week, a lion ran out in front of the neighbor’s car at 9pm. She said it was as big as a Great Dane!

We might need to call the county to have it removed. There are some pretty sad attack stories involving adults and kids.

A friend sent me photos of lions on his property that his hunting cameras took when it sensed motion. The hubby was searching amazon last night for these cameras! That song, “I always feel like somebody’s watching me” keeps going through my mind. Maybe we really don’t want to see what lurks in the dark!