Underground Passed Inspection

by generalmom

Today was the underground plumbing and HVAC inspection and we passed!  The county sent out an inspector and my plumber introduced him to me as, “Mr. Grumpy”. To which the inspector looked at me and said, “So you couldn’t afford a good plumber, huh?”  Oh the bantering that goes on in construction!

The inspector walked around inspecting and chatting with the plumber.  Later my plumber told me that he told him to watch his mouth, since I was “really Christian.”  Haha!  I do appreciate him so much for doing that!  I can tell he has 4 sisters that he is used to protecting.

The HVAC  ducts and registers were all roughed in under the house.  Super clean, fast and awesome job!   He walks around on the joists like it’s nothing.  Unlike me, when I fell through the joists yesterday and got a tiny bit bruised up.  All the guys told any and all visitors what General Mom did. Again, I gave them easy bantering material!

I really am so blessed to have incredible people working with us on this project!