First Floor Joists Completed

by generalmom

Framing began and is going quickly! All the first floor joists are now completed. Now the underground work begins with the plumbing rough in and HVAC following. The past year I spent planning is now coming into play. The sinks stay right where they are on the plan. No moving things now! All this will be inspected next week by the county.

We also had to prepare for erosion control for the rainy season. We had the whole family throwing straw on the slopes! Turns out, I’m allergic to straw. Sneezing, wheezing the whole day. Glad that job is over!

Just for fun, I caught a photo of a typo truck! A truck littered full of typos. So if you need “yand word” or have any “applaacres” to move, call this guy! If you look closely there are just too many things to laugh at!! Enjoy!