Dig Me Out of This Hole

by generalmom

I dropped a ball in this juggling act of building a house. I knew it was bound to happen and thankfully it’s minor and before it was too late. But it impacts my fabulous husband. Poor guy works 11-12 hours days at the office and then works all weekend on the land or on these “projects”.

I knew all along where my electrical panel was going on the back of the garage. I just didn’t know I should have told my concrete guys to dig out a 2 feet x 4 feet by 3 feet deep hole with the backhoe to accommodate the electricians conduit that needs to go in the unsourced grade beam. I tried digging at it myself and I gave up in three minutes. It’s bedrock and I’m clearly a wimp.

So, I had my hubby do the job. Unfortunately, he had just gotten home from a week long trip to Japan. He spent his Saturday and Sunday digging this hole by hand. He has major blisters to show for it too. 😦

Hardest working guy I know! Love him!

The grade beams are ready for inspection tomorrow. If we get approval, then we can pour concrete the next day. Then, we can start framing after a few days of drying time!

Just keep juggling, just keep juggling….