As Holey As It Gets

by generalmom

I get so geeked out by each step of this housebuilding process and I have the videos of dirt being pushed around and holes being drilled to prove it! If you come over for a visit, you’ll likely see a video or two.

Today, I was very enthusiastic for the 10 foot holes being drilled all over the house site. 76 holes to be precise. I had a moment where my stomach turned over thinking about the enormity of this project in Northern Cali. that this Midwestern Momma with 5 kids took on. Did your stomach just turn too?

You would have thought a baby was being born today with my full-on photo and video taking mode. I got to witness the last four holes being drilled!! I even posted a photo of the last little baby hole! See…I’m a total geek. I was excited and relieved! We never hit boulders or rocks during the two days of drilling which is a huge blessing!

Now, we wait for the structural engineer to come out tomorrow to inspect the holes with the custom made steel cages in them (we thought we had to go down 8′ but actually had to extend them to 10′ on site). The Geotech also comes out to inspect the depth of the soil. Oh wait, the county comes out to inspect the holes and cages too. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Too many cooks in the kitchen!! It’s a complicated matter to build in this area, I tell ya!

But today was another victory! 76 holes in the ground! All glory goes to God for such a wonderful blessed day! Next step, concrete!