Deep Breath

by generalmom

I’m a little overwhelmed this week; as the details of finishing the driveway and concrete collided today. We were to be ready for concrete layout today and base rock has to be finished tomorrow. This journey is a tango of small steps, and syncopated rhythmic footwork! We got a bit out of sync this week and hope we are back on Monday. *Deep Breath*

I did successfully learn another language this week called “Drainage.” U21’s and V64’s will make a girl’s head spin, I tell ya! But I conquered it *today* and ordered the correct materials from the supplier! *Deep Breath*

I’m also doing the tango with PG&E and where they will make me put their trench. It is encroaching on the septic and the water trench. Not good at all! So we are critically thinking of moving it to the other side of the driveway. I gave a sketch for the estimator to look at and praying we have a solution tomorrow. *Deep Breath* *Deep Breath*

God is in control of all these details and I will rest in His mercy and grace. It’s also our 15 year wedding Anniversary today!