The ‘baby’ has arrived – The Grading Permit!

by generalmom

She’s finally here…the grading permit!  We like to call her “Goldie”!  Labor lasted 7 months but General Mom and permit are doing well and recovering!

I have so much joy over getting this permit!  Santa Clara County is known for being one of the strictest and conservative places to get a grading permit.  I certainly didn’t get the grading permit all by myself.  I am so thankful for the many people who worked hard on the plans, the research, and the relationships that were built at the county.  Phase two is the people who will execute the plans next week!

First step is our surveyor will stake in phases.  He is a very important strategist in the project.   He will layout where the driveway, house and yard goes.  Then he comes back to show where the foundation goes, then the 100 year flood drainage, and the final grade.  Our grading contractor, who is skilled on hillsides, will create just the right slopes for the driveway and prepare the pad for the house.

Next baby is due to arrive next week…the building permit for the house!