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Month: May, 2013

Try and Try Again



A General Java Kind of Week

Coffee is how this mom of 5 got it done this week! It was another big win kind of week on troubleshooting the house plans. After much research, we don’t have to dig under the concrete drive to connect the fire sprinklers. This was drawn on the civil drawings and it was a 3k savings that the Fire Marshal confirmed is not needed. So study those plans and listen to the contractors and how much those quotes are coming in!


I Sure Hope So!

I worked so long and hard to find good contractors.  I still haven’t decided who I want to choose.  Price and Personality are hard to find!  I think I actually heard the budget spreadsheet actually yell at me! Let’s hope this phrase picture is true. The first part feels like it. God holds all things together for good. This I know is true at the end of every day!


Cast Your Net Wide!

Since I am the owner builder/general contractor and also new to our area and state, I am now labeling myself a detective too.  You have to cast your net very wide to gather all the information and quotes you will need.  Ok, maybe that makes me a fisherwoman.  I like angler better.

I have talked to hundreds of people and yes, it’s tedious.  If you are on a budget, you have to reel in quotes from so many people to understand who is very expensive, moderately expensive and fair.  It’s a bit discouraging, so be prepared when you get that custom kitchen cabinet quote that would make a grown girl cry.  But it certainly helps you really love the quote of stock made cabinets.

I suggest getting a “Home Finance” folder at Staples that allows you to put quotes in the monthly folders and write the date, description, and amount.

Some interesting Builders Proverbs that motivate me to keep researching:

King’s Law – No matter how long or how hard your shop for an item, after you’ve bought it, it will be on sale somewhere, for less.

If only one bid can be secured on any project, the price will be unreasonable.

My Soul is Impressed

This view has impressed my soul. It is the place my heart sings to God. Working here is a joy.


Happy Dance! Research Paid Off!


After hours and hours of reading fire ordinances, definitions of private driveways and access roads and submitting my argument to land and development engineers and the fire marshal, they agreed with me and we don’t have to improve the road! So thankful for so many reasons! Happy dance!! Now I need a nap!