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Month: December, 2012



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Triple Booking Tailgate Quotes

With a foot of rain all week here in N. Cal, the friendly sunshine returned and three happy contractors were eager to meet me today. I triple booked those fellers’ and it worked great! I had them meet me at the lumber yard. Black minivans really stick out in the sea of muddy work trucks. I always seem to slightly malfunction when trying to decide what to wear to a bid introduction meeting. Slightly professional, I am the GC? Casual homebuilder, don’t mess with me? Only my husband has mastered knowing the girl who can get dressed up to the one who looks like death in a blue plaid robe. So, jeans and a yoga hoodie with curled hair made no sense today.

I met a roofer. I really want to go all California and put a S curved tile roof on this house but budget was a huge concern. So, I found the brand of tile that is well known, durable, and found the cell number of the sales manager for my area. I got three referrals from him and met one today. Great news is that it will be in our budget. Can I get an AMEN?

Then the Stucco guy walked over to us in the parking lot since it must have been obvious as we were pouring over the plans on the open tail gate of the roofer’s truck. Then we transferred the plans over to his truck. I don’t think I have ever seen a stucco house in IL and never dreamed I would be building one with a tile roof! He took the plans to work on a bid.

Finally the drywall/paint guy dropped off his quote which looks good for drywall but looks like I may be painting the inside of this house. My neck is screaming in disapproval already! I love painting but do I really have time with five kids and homeschooling? Please pray that I can get it painted within budget!

Tomorrow, adventure awaits with HVAC (heating and cooling), and grading bids.

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Oh the people you will meet

I wish I could say all the people you meet along this journey will be joyful and rooting for you. However, you will meet people that want to only make money or talk about you behind your back and make you feel incompetent and ridiculous for trying to do something amazing. All I have to remind you of is this: