Multitasking during the process

by generalmom

This cartoon made me laugh since it is my reality most days (in addition of three more cartoon kids).  Yet I have to  prepare, strategize and not loose my mind during this process.  How do I accomplish any of this? All by God’s grace and peace that transcends all understanding.  It’s a miracle really that I even can get dressed, homeschool and build this house!

We are currently dissecting the house plans and moving forward with finalized plans.  We submitted the site plan with the house footprint to the Civil Engineer and he is working on the grading and drainage plan.  We have a bunch of details (detailed house plans, grading and drainage plans, structural plans, energy plans) to get through in the next few weeks and I am not good at waiting.  Not good.  I expect deliverables like yesterday.  I am a little Steve Jobs like that.  Super high expectations because time is money and if I can multitask with the cartoon in mind then people I pay should be AMAZING while sitting at a clean office desk with no legos to step on and hot coffee in hand.  Jealous at times of those clean office days of mine and a paycheck and a thank you for hard work.  So far we are surrounding ourselves with amazing talent that are producing high level work in a timely manner.  But the clock keeps on ticking and you have to stay on top of that clock!