Managing expenses while building a house

by generalmom

In order to stay on a nail biting budget over the next year, we needed to reduce our rent costs asap.  The hubby developed a killer excel spreadsheet that analyzed different options.  When you embark on what can you afford to build a house or remodel, you have to buy the land with a loan or outright.  Then, while paying on that loan prior to a construction loan, you have to pay your current rent or mortgage and expenses.   We needed to reduce our rent asap or we would be burning through savings.  So, I explored All options. No matter how ridiculous.  This took two whole months.

Starting with buying an RV and putting it on the land.  They are really nice!  Affordable too especially a used model and great for resale.  But not really enough space for 7 people even the largest with 400 square feet.  I found one with a master bedroom and three bunk beds.  I had electricians and plumbers give me quotes for temporary electric, water and septic.  But thank the Lord we both got poison oak out at the land and that put that idea to rest asap.  The RV would have been parked right on top of a healthy patch of poison oak.  No thanks.

Next option, apartments.  I could only find a 2 bedroom for our budget and no yard really closed that door.

I asked our pastor if anyone was going on mission trips or had houses for rent.  He said he would pray for God to make it abundantly clear.  Boy was that about to unfold!

Final option, rental homes.  I went extreme and found a super cute pool cabana but it was only two bedroom and no garage.  Really nice kitchen and all remodeled.  The owner got super nervous when I said we have five kids!  Haha.  He passed on us.  I could not find anything big enough in our price range.   So, I took an ad out on Craigslist.

Craigslist wanted ad under housing was my last resort.  Here’s what I posted:

We are a family in the process of designing and building a home in Morgan Hill. Until it’s finished in a year or year and a half (the county is slow), we need an awesome house with at least 3 bedrooms, and a private yard. We have high rent right now (it’s a gorgeous house) but have to reduce rent costs while the house is being built. I thought maybe, you reading this, were just curious who on earth may be posting in the wanted section. You would really like a super nice, meticulous family without the headache of most renters. Do nice families still exist? We humbly say we are AWESOME! That really has to do with our faith in our hearts and you see it in action in our lives. So that means we would take care of your property, have super high credit, pay on time, take care of our personal property as well as yours. So if you are thinking of renting out your home and feel like doing something kind of miraculous, let me know and send me an address or some photos. We need to keep our rent to a nail biting amount, and thus the reason for the ad. But give me a shout and I bet we can make something great work out!

I got a response from several realtors and a few homeowners not in our city.  I also got an email from someone who wanted to share a big house with his family!

Then, I got THE email.  One that was providentially orchestrated by God himself.