Party in the front, business in the back?

by generalmom

When you have to design for a unique lot get ready to trust your design firm.  The process of design does not always seem clear to the homeowner until all the pieces come together.

We are building on top of a ridge which has some challenges.  I am pretty adamant  that I don’t want to come down the driveway and only see garage doors and miss the beautiful front of the house.  So, I have to admit when I got the first floor plans all I saw were corners, tons of them.  I loudly warned my designer the week before to minimize corners for this final revision.  Corners?  Yes, every single corner of your house costs big foundation costs.  Every single change in direction costs money.  Right now I have 22 corners and 19 of them are wrapped around the front and 3 are in the back.  Like what? Don’t ask me why but a mullet hairdo came to mind.  It was glaring at me like I was looking in the mirror of my 6th grade yearbook.  Party in the front and business in the back.  I mean it was a REVOLUTIONARY movement of hair, do I love that? How does this fit into the big picture?  What I could not understand until days later is what the second floor was going to look like.  I got those plans and it looks AMAZING!  I really can see more clearly now.  So, trust your design firm to bring that baby together.  It will be so hard to imagine a 3D image when you are looking at a line drawing.  Now, I see the roof and that the second floor doesn’t follow the first floor like a box.  But it has beautiful lines dancing on top of that party in the front!  The business in the back has articulated roof lines and movement on the second floor.  So, note to self…breathe through the first feelings of the first floor and trust the designers you hired to bring it all together!