Are the Rolling Stones Right?

by generalmom

“You can’t always get what you want.  You get what you need.” – Rolling Stones.  I am officially unreasonable right at this very late moment.  Once again, I have looked at thousands of photos on Pinterest and Houzz today and internally I am having a toddler roll-on-the-floor temper tantrum.  Why?  I see so many beautiful things and amazing ideas and they are just unreasonable for the average girl.  My appetite for cool things is growing and what a danger my heart is under.  We are not to set our minds on earthly things says Phillipians 3:19.  How ironic that as I type this, I have my DVR playing my recorded Kay Arthur’s program, Precepts for Living and she is drilling Christlikeness vs. focus on earthly things.

So how do you build a home without imitating the world and feeding appetites of wants vs. needs?  God help me to figure out what would work for our family, be humbly cool and help me with my most awful problem areas such as laundry, dishes, homeschool and paperwork for 7 people.  Who wouldn’t love this kind of laundry room? Double washer and dryers!