Midnight and Posion Oak

by generalmom

Researching until midnight every night is not producing any final decisions about what I want in a house plan but is making me crazy. I do admit the silence from a long day of homeschooling 4 kids and chasing another one is the main motive for staying up late. It takes a long time to decompress!

Today I received new revisions from Scott at D&Z Design today. He was pumped. He even said he loves the new direction the plans are taking. He has been studying my Pinterest and Houzz pictures! Good boy Scott! Love that kind of customer service! He went out to the land and even dragged another associate out there to figure out the garage angle and driveway approach.

Now I am up until 1am now scouring Houzz.com to see if I can love a new design twist Scott presented of the dining room in the great room/ family room. I reviewed about 200 photos and I am going to have to sleep on it. If I had an endless budget vs. a nail biting one then I would say “no!”, just give me a separate dining room and a pool and two laundry rooms and every single photo idea I pinned on Pinterest including the trip to Tahiti already!

Also, I have all my Civil Engineer quotes in and I have to get my thinking cap on to see which one includes all components and which ones will try to nickel and dime me. So far I have found some glaring issues and one thing is clear, I know for sure one has an excellent reputation at the County and that could be the deal clincher.

I have been itching to tell you how wonderful it is to get poison oak. Somehow I got it and I probably got it out at the land since I was admiring (a new plant to a girl from IL) a shiny oak like leaf with a beautiful orange burning bush color to it. So I had poison oak for a solid four weeks. I eventually broke down and went to the doctor to get a prescription cream since nothing over the counter worked. On top of it, after Adam cleared the site which I showed a picture of, he ended up getting poison oak head to toe and then had to go to China on business. I researched that goats like to eat that stuff. So I will be getting some goats in the near future to eat all 13 acres of it. In fact, Morgan Hill rents herds of goats to mow down grass in town. Yes, it’s an environmentally sensitive way to get the job done I guess. See a photo of my snapshot of it if you don’t believe me. Can you imagine 5 kids, 2 parents and a dog spreading poison oak around continually? Could not think of anything worse.