Making all my Pins come true!

by generalmom

I am so glad that I have Pinterest and Houzz to make me crazier of a Type A personality. These websites show you 1,000s of fabulous photos of interiors, exteriors, kitchens, staircases, you name it and something will inspire you!

I printed off all 15 pages of ideas of many big discussion topics and dropped it by D&Z Design. Of course I was warmly greeted with my unannounced self. But grandma’s watching the baby so off I go!

Scott the designer is driving out to the land before work to see the stakes we put in the ground to show how massive the garage looks to me. Add a gable roof on it and it wil look ridiously massive. So before I committ to it and the angle, he is going out to see it for himself.

Do I love it? We are getting there. Pretty please make all my pins come true!!