Cold Feet

by generalmom

If you are ever married, per say, to any part of the process of building a house, it’s to your houseplans. We are doing a delicate dance with these houseplans keeping the ridge of the land, the driveway, how the sun rises and sets and how a family of 7 lives in a strcuture.

We have edited the first and second floor plans and now we have a bit of cold feet as we imagine the front elevation of the house and where the windows are and how the light comes into the house.  The light will effect rooms that we spend a ton of time in and most of those face the North view of the mountains and water.  This is cooler light and we are putting all of our big communal areas facing those areas.  Problem is not having sufficient Southern exposure light flowing into those rooms.  So they would be on the grayer, darker sides and boy does that give us cold feet.  So, I made an appointment with our Design Team to go over our thoughts.  Out came a red marker as you can see…Scott is our designer and puzzle solver extraordinaire. (He is usually smiling all the time…my camera was a bit slow and he was caught off guard, so that’s his “I can’t believe your taking my picture grin”).  He assures me he is awesome at the game Tetris which by the way should be a prerequisite for an architect or designer.  🙂  So, he will replay these pieces and place them into a slightly different pattern to accommodate light, glorious light.

Speaking of pattern, I am going tomorrow to pick up a book that I wish I read earlier called “A PatternLanguage“.  I like reading any cerebral book on design.  This book promises to help you explain concisely to your designer what you want in a house.  I have a little experience with this from designing our last house but our family size has more than doubled and there are things I would change and somewhat keep the same.  It’s good to get cold feet early on rather than right before you walk down the permit isle at the County!