Sunday Drive

by generalmom

Sunday before everyone went to bed, we took a ride out to the land. The sun was going down and the cool evening wind was picking up. It’s a breathtaking spot where I feel so much peace looking at so much beauty. The kids love running around there, so I’m glad Adam got rid of the thistles and now we need to avoid the poison oak. I showed them where the dead 4 pointer buck is under a bush in the back slope. Not sure if a mountain lion got it or if it was sick or shot. Anyway, some of the kids thought it was cool and they want the antlers. We already found two antlers and Blake is proudly showing it. We also found 6 skulls on our hike in one particular area in which we have named “The Dining Hall.”

I took a picture of the kids standing in the future home school room. It should have a lovely stream of sunlight in the mornings!