Saturday Clean Up

by generalmom

Cleaning up the site pad where the house will be was a all afternoon project for Adam. He weed whacked over and acre of land plus 300 feet of driveway and chain sawed tree limbs too. He was beat! He’s not used to hard labor since we moved from IL since we have a gardener at the
rental. He loves hard work and he’s used to that for sure. Hardest working guy I know.

I took the first floor house plan and measured out the house by kicking lines in the dirt. We need to go get stakes to see it more clearly. This step is so important to orienting the house properly. It will also enable us to see if any changes to the plans need to be made. We think the angle of the garage might need to change. While walking around my lines in the dirt, I am trying to imagine where every room is and where the sunlight comes in the house at different times of the day. Overall I like it a lot with minor changes coming.