The Preliminary House Plans

by generalmom

We have been working with our designers for a month now. Last time we built a house we used a draftsman directly and skipped the whole architect/ designer part. It was inexpensive as we paid something like 5k but it didn’t include a framing and roofing plan. That became problematic for the framer who needed more precise instructions for the staircase and complicated hip roof.

When researching this time, I interviewed our design team and realized they designed 5 houses in our city that we liked. They were fairly priced too! They will be giving us a very detailed set of plans with cross sections, roof plans, interior and exterior plans and they help project manage the whole house.

Today we met them to see the first floor layout. It’s pretty good! They gave me tracing paper to sketch out any ideas I had for changes. So far, I’ve been making changes based on our family size and my experience with living in our old house design. They also had a rough sketch of the second floor which looked good too. So I’m happy with what they delivered!