Arborist, Utilities and Designer

by generalmom

Yesterday was my birthday, 39, which started with an early morning meeting with the surveyor. He pulled all the data he had on our lot and we discussed the ever so popular driveway. I must admit I put a lot of emphasis on a driveway. It’s the approach, the feel, the first impression of a house. Since we are on top of a ridge, we have to be as smart as possible since moving dirt equals money. We have designed the driveway even before the house. It is actually dictating the design. We are exploring two options since we threw out the first owners design going straight up the front and knocking out at least 10 oaks. We are planning to use the existing cement drive that also goes up to the HOA water tank. The length of the drive also has implications from the fire Marshall who told us the county ordinance of anything over 500 feet needs an 8 foot turn out in addition to the 40 x 48 fire turn around at the house. It currently will be 719 foot driveway. All the while you have to keep everything under a 15% slope. Research is essential.

The arborist came out and analzed which trees needed to be tagged and removed. We will need permission by the county to remove them since we are in a protected oak woodland area. Our designer did a great job explaining the overall effect that we wanted to maintain with the trees to keep, clean up and remove. The utility guy will have to trench the water, telephone, and electric 300 feet from the boxes to the house and stay away from the drive and the roots of the trees.

It was a great collaboration from the team. We should be getting initial house designs to review in a few days. Can’t wait to see what they came up with based on the list I put together. Right now I heard the house is too big. 😉