Investigating, Praying and a Leap

by generalmom

This beautiful lot came on the market in March of 2012. We hadn’t sold our McHenry home yet but thought we might soon but maybe not soon enough to snag up this amazing opportunity. This land was owned by a couple who owned it since 1998 and were planning on building their dream home. An enormous 9,000 sq foot home with an elevator, yoga room, indoor sauna. They bought the land for a hefty sum and then paid for a lot of the initial work that needed to be done in normal preparations for building. They did the house design, structural work, civil work, topo, geological, geotechnical, septic design, perc tests, soils tests and more. Basically everything prior to submitting for a grading permit. It was amazing amounts of information for me to investigate. I spoke to the owner who has built many homes and she said she was tired and wanted to move on. It just amazed me all the work she did and she was ready to walk away. I had gone to the county several times, spoke to every expert trying to figure out why this was such a great price. There must be a hidden reason why! I couldn’t find anything wrong even though I found out that the building permit process will be a lengthy and arduous one. Very unlike our quick 7 month beginning to end IL house. But I have met the nicest people, planners and engineers at the Santa Clara County office. Really! They have all promised to help us get this approved quickly!

We finally sold our home that we built in McHenry, IL and closed June 5, 2012. We prayed and prayed if we should move forward on this land. Could our family handle it, could we afford it (that is still debatable), is it worth the stress? We sought so many people for Godly council and checked to see if our hearts were in the right or wrong place. Adam poured over many excel spreadsheets for days and days. We referenced our last project and plugged away at numbers until I was sick. I hate the whole numbers part! Adam dislikes “Jen math” which is basically no math at all. Plus at the same time as this, I was looking at ALL our other options. We considered buying the house we are renting and we even went as far as putting an offer on a short sale that we got out bid on!

So we put an offer in on June 18 and the owners accepted. We just closed August 7, 2012. We have just taken a huge leap of faith! God help us and protect us! “The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still” Exodus 14:14