Here We Build Again!

by generalmom

It’s been since May 2004 since we built a house ourselves. We sold that house May 2012 and here we build again! This time, we have five kids instead of one and we live in California and not Illinois. Why oh why are we building? For one, we really enjoyed it the last time. There is something so fun about designing, investigating the processes and seeing it all come together. Plus, the cost of housing here in California is demanding me to go and get and build what suits us. So, I plan on writing down my journey for my memory’s sake and for the sake of my kids and their memoir of their General Mom. General Contractor Mom that is but that was too long of a title and blog name. 🙂  Here she is, 13 rolling acres, overlooking a reservoir and a 150 degree view of hills and vineyards nestled with acres of California oak trees.  Truly a blessing from God.  It’s glorious up here.